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Holistic Preventive Medicine Can Change Your Life

Holistic medicine is a type of medicine that can work miracles. Holistic medicine is the real medicine, the one with a capital M, and it will be more and more the medicine of the future.

Miracles, therefore, exist and can be reproduced

The term “holistic” comes from the Greek word “holos” which means the whole, the whole, therefore, holistic medicine deals with both the globality of the human being, seen in its different dimensions, and its environment of life and work.

Holistic medicine is the true scientific medicine, because it is the only one that starts from the full awareness that there is no separation between man and nature, between mind and body, between spirit and matter, between science and the unconscious, and it is the only one that knows that nothing happens by chance, that can see the human being in its entirety and in relation to his environment of life and work.

Each individual is not made up of only the body, with the aggravating circumstance often of a body considered isolated from the social and environmental context, as the sick person is often considered in the practice of our current way of doing medicine.

The effectiveness and efficiency in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of any disease, from cancers to cardiovascular diseases, from fractures to the simple cold, is much greater if we do not limit our attention to the single organ or the single disease, but if we are interested in the patient in his entirety and we pay attention to his environment of life and work.

It is certainly not possible to think of treating a symptom or an organ with maximum effectiveness as if they were independent of the rest of the body and the environment.

There are more and more mountains of scientific data showing that the healing rates of all diseases, including cancers, increase considerably with holistic medicine.

One cannot scientifically think of exercising maximum effectiveness in merely treating the sick symptom or organ, as if it were independent of the rest of the body and the environment. This is not only because we must always address the causes of our diseases and symptoms (remove the cause and the effect will disappear), but also because it is much more effective to address the solution of the ailments from a global view of everything.

Holistic medicine: the way to healing

Our body is the sacred place where all interdependencies are narrated and readable, of course with the right preparation.

The health of our planet, our environment, our body, our mind, our spirit, our dreams, the quality of our affective and social relationships are all connected and interdependent.

Often, in order to heal an individual, we need to take care of his erroneous values, his mistaken beliefs, his boredom, his weak objectives, whether non-existent or negative, his pathological affections, his living and working environment, his way of being and living.

Here I will limit myself to dealing with one of the most important aspects of holistic medicine: the relationship between the mind and the body.

Based on my medical knowledge and my long experience as a doctor/oncologist, I am firmly convinced that every human being has within him/herself an energy greater and more surprising than the energy discovered by physicists in the atom, and I am also fully convinced that an important part of this energy can be learned to liberate and control it through the knowledge and awareness of the close relationship between mind and body.

Now, in order to give medicine the possibility to develop its true potential and to work miracles, it is necessary to learn to recover the soul and to see the human being in his specificity, in his globality and in his relationship with the environment of life and work.

In holistic medicine it is important to intervene, at a preventive, diagnostic and curative level, on the different components of the human being and on the different environmental levels.

Within this holistic approach it is clearly understood that the doctor must be open to every branch of knowledge, in order to understand the interdependencies and interactions between human activities, the environment and health.

The environment, in fact, penetrates into us not only with drinks, food and air, but also with sounds, colors, scents, affections, words and becomes part of us.

Even the immaterial environment, therefore, penetrates into us, is transformed and becomes part of us.

For example, words, in addition to changing our brains, change our bodies and leave traces of them. Similarly, emotions, feelings, moods take different forms in different organs and each cell of our body is affected.

Every organ, every cell and every point of our body knows that there is that specific emotion, that particular feeling or state of mind and remembers it.

Dreams, objectives, thoughts, images, emotions, feelings and positive moods inevitably become biochemical, electrochemical and electromagnetic messages corroborating for each cell of our body.